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Paytm No.  9509247017, 7230890139, 7877645426   Paytm No. 9509247017 , 7230890139, 7877645426      BHIM App  No.9509247017      BHIM App No. 9509247017 

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API Code

Send SMS with ASP

ASP SMS messaging is one of the services we offer. Here we'll show you how to use our SMS gateway in ASP. Take the SMS ASP script code below to send SMS via Developers' Central.

Code to send SMS in ASP :

< % Set the values same as you use in your saakshisoftware.com account
username = "user"
pwd ="password"
'Set the mobile number on which you want to send SMS
mobileno = "919509247017"
'Your Message smsg = "Test SMS from saakshi software"
' You approved sender id
senderid = "WebSMS"
Dim objXmlHttpMain , sURL
sURL="http://dnd.saakshisoftware.com/api/mt/SendSMS?user="&username&"&password="&&"&senderid="&senderid&"&channel="&channel&"&DCS=0&flashsms=0&number="&mobileno&"&text="&msg&"&route="&routeId&" Set objXmlHttpMain = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.ServerXMLHTTP")
on error resume next
objXmlHttpMain.open "GET",sURL, False
objXmlHttpMain.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "text/urlencoded"
objXmlHttpMain.send 'Store response
response.Write (objXmlHttpMain.responseText)
% >